Propane Services

Propane Meter Services

Whether it's heating your water or heating your home with metered propane you keep your cost lower and we do the work for you. It's convenient, dependable and affordable. Here are some of the benefits of metered propane.

  1. Free gas water heater
  2. We maintain the tank and the meter for you
  3. You never have to worry about running out of gas
  4. You only pay for the gas you use each month
  5. We read the meter for you
  6. Cheaper gas rates

To qualify you must have a gas water heater or gas as your main heat source. Come by your local South Alabama Gas office to get signed up.

Tank Lease Special

Don't qualify for metered propane? Our tank lease special is a great alternative! For just $99.95 we can have you ready to heat or cook with gas. With this special offer you get the following:

  1. Tank installation and set up. Gas not included
  2. Twenty five feet of piping.
  3. Up to one hour labor.
  4. First years tank rent paid.

Call your local HyTemp Gas office to get signed up.